Unsere Trainingszeiten ab 2. September 2019


Montag:     20.15 -  21.15 Uhr         Level 2/3

Dienstag:    19.00 - 20.00 Uhr       Level 4

                     20.15 - 21.15 Uhr         Fortgeschrittene

Mittwoch:  19.00 - 20.00 Uhr        Beginner (ab Oktober 2018)

                     20.15 - 21.15 Uhr         Level 1 (ab August 2017)

Unsere aktuellen Tänze:


Corn don’t Grow                                   Lord Help Me                       A Country High

Bring on the good Time                       Booze Cruise                        Golden Weeding Ring

Like a Rose                                             Lay Low                                Lalali                        

Apple Jack                                              Lookout                                Untamend

High Cotton                                           I'Am a Tornado                     Lonely Drum
Country Roads                                       Holly's Church                      Southern Streamline
We only live Once                                 Hold                                       Makita
Thinking Country                                   Pontoon                                Driven
American Kids                                        Gypsy Queen                        Doctor,doctor
Disappearing Tail Lights                        Missing                                 Happy, Happy, Happy
Go Seven                                                Bring down the House        Down on your Uppers
Weekdays                                               Dear Friend                           Second Hand Heart

Guest Ranch                                           Sweet Dummy                      Chasing down a good Time

Wandering Hearts                                  Nancy Mulligan                     Anything for Love 

Drinking with Dolly                                Twist&Turns                          Rocket to the Sun

The Older I Ghet                                     Hillbilly Girl                            Three Teachers

Perfect                                                     Give me Love to Rose          Get Down the Fiddle

The Harvester                                          Codigo                                   Nothing but You

Down to the Honkytonk                        Wave on Love                       Aces and Eights

Texas Time                                               Woman Amen                       Rocket to the Sun

Como Yo                                                   Pretend                                 Roots

2 Lane Highway                                       Cowgirls                                 Whiskey Under the Bridge 

House of Cards                                        Cards on the Table               Story